Reflection in the studio

Feeling a little gratitude today. I realized how much I enjoy the WordPress community of bloggers. So much creativity, inspiration and support.  I want to give a shout out to say thank you to everyone that visited, read my blog, followed and commented.  I enjoy all the connections made! 

A glimpse of my art space where I am preparing a new canvas. I will be sharing my creative process, on Periscope @flufnutter  you can view recent videos. Be forewarned,  I am new at this live video thing so it may take me a few more videos to get comfortable filming. 

26 thoughts on “Reflection in the studio

      1. I only follow a couple of people on periscope and the one was so nervous but honestly no one could tell. We’re harder on ourselves than anyone else but perhaps that’s a good thing. Periscope seems to be a supportive community so you’ll be fine as your followers will encourage you. I can’t wait to see you in action.

      2. Thanks! I appreciate the pep talk. Still makes me nervous to film but Im working it out, I do like viewing other artist in action got to chat with someone from holland and Australia which was cool.

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