Under the boardwalk

This artwork was inspired by a day trip with family to Atlantic city, New Jersey in July.

Recycled packaging cardboard was used to create two small works of art. I enjoy the challenge of working small and painting on different kinds of material.

The beach theme worked well with the ripple texture on the surface of the cardboard, it created a dreamy underwater feeling. The paintings measure 3 x 2.5 inches. The brown hue of the cardboard was the base color for sand and boardwalk, graphite was used to define edges including shaded areas. The sky and ocean is painted in shades of blue, green and white. The entire cardboard (front, back & sides) was sealed in a clear matte finish.

I was excited about the results of this creative exploration, the painting worked well on this material.

The images that inspired the paintings

You can view these paintings along with 11 of my other miniatures exhibiting at Off The Wall Gallery at Dirty Franks in Philadelphia.. The 2022 MIDSUMMER INVITATIONAL continues through October 7, 2022.

My crew

Explore Atlantic City, NJ

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In the neighborhood

I am everywhere and nowhere..

Creatively speaking I hit a rough patch recently,  I arrived at the point without a desire to create and my attempts to paint went awry.  Refraining from beating myself up over this dry spell (ok I admit to a small temper tantrum), I decided to make an effort to do other things. A brisk walk around the neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do to clear my head.  On occasions I would take time to observe, photographing interesting things  along the way.

One of the images I photographed was an old house in the neighborhood which I have passed many times. I always admired the structure and unique ornate features of the house. This image was the spark to start me off on my little painting adventure.

FullSizeRender 5

Always fascinated with the stories behind the facade but alas the only information I could find on this old house was the date it was built, 1896.



9″x12″  acrylic paint and graphite on wood panel



I’ve been using a sta-wet palette, it helps keep my paints from drying out.



Painting of the trees

Progression of painting


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Reflection in the studio

Feeling a little gratitude today. I realized how much I enjoy the WordPress community of bloggers. So much creativity, inspiration and support.  I want to give a shout out to say thank you to everyone that visited, read my blog, followed and commented.  I enjoy all the connections made! 

A glimpse of my art space where I am preparing a new canvas. I will be sharing my creative process, on Periscope @flufnutter  you can view recent videos. Be forewarned,  I am new at this live video thing so it may take me a few more videos to get comfortable filming.