In the neighborhood

I am everywhere and nowhere..

Creatively speaking I hit a rough patch recently,  I arrived at the point without a desire to create and my attempts to paint went awry.  Refraining from beating myself up over this dry spell (ok I admit to a small temper tantrum), I decided to make an effort to do other things. A brisk walk around the neighborhood is one of my favorite things to do to clear my head.  On occasions I would take time to observe, photographing interesting things  along the way.

One of the images I photographed was an old house in the neighborhood which I have passed many times. I always admired the structure and unique ornate features of the house. This image was the spark to start me off on my little painting adventure.

FullSizeRender 5

Always fascinated with the stories behind the facade but alas the only information I could find on this old house was the date it was built, 1896.



9″x12″  acrylic paint and graphite on wood panel



I’ve been using a sta-wet palette, it helps keep my paints from drying out.



Painting of the trees

Progression of painting


Thanks for stopping by and letting me take you on my little creative journey.

14 thoughts on “In the neighborhood

  1. I know exactly how you feel and I do exactly what you do to help spark some new energy into creative action. Taking walks with my camera has always found me finding something to get a little excited about. This house of yours(your neighborhood anyway) is fascinating!! You captured it and I absolutely love the romance you paint into the sky!!! I hope you are on your way out of your creative rut!!

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca.. Appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Definitely feel ya on that excitement when out exploring. I just have to remember to fill my cup often before it runs out. 🙂

  2. Jennifer, this a wonderful rendering of the old house. What a great find. Creative Dry spells come and go, I’m happy that you are back at it. Taking a detour is always a great way to end the creative dry spell. Good to see yo back.

    1. Hello Sharon thank you very much! Ive been away from WP too so nice to be back. I think I am handling the wave of dry spells, a bit better than before, I try to just go with flow ride it out till its over.. Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow!! love your house, those turrets! and, you did a marvelous painting. great sky too! the dry barren patches, come and go. may last a week, or a year…. but. I have decided that art and creativity take many, forms.
    a zen stroll, looking, making observations, listening to music, poetry, etc. are also forms. and they contribute. Thus, even in my long dry spells – I still, am taking part in the creative process. Its been a helpful way to view DRY spells in art, I think. 🙂 cheers, Debi

    1. Hi Debi, thank you for your kind words and sharing your remedies for creative rough patches. I do enjoy listening to music and trying new things to change things up a bit. But you are right we creatives still have to take part in the creative process, I know even if I don’t feel like making, just doing a little bit helps a lot. Have a creative day Debi!

      1. yeah…. I’ve had (Alot!!) LOL of dry art spells. and know how frustrating they are. a wise older art friend told me a really long time ago… Be kind to Yourself, Debi. its stuck in my mind. that, yes, we need to do so. or (try at least) I hope you have a great rest of the week Jennifer, and the sun shines where ever you are! cheers, debi

      2. Great words to remember! It is easy to forget to be kind to oneself. thank you Debi 😊 the snow has been melting it is starting to feel like spring finally ! Have a lovely week.

  4. The flipagrams are very cool, Jennifer. Most definitely that brisk walk paid off in sparking and inspiring some great creativity. Nice surprise to see this post today. I know all about the creative battery reading “empty”…I’ve posted once in the past year! Hope your creativity battery continues to get recharged. Have a great day, Bruce

    1. Hi Bruce thanks for taking the time to view my work. Yes I am doing well now, I’m finding ways to stay charged before I empty completely. Hope to catch up on WordPress and start posting regularly again . Have a great week!

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