Nature of the city

A collection of my landscape and cityscape paintings will be on display at The Cedars House, a quaint cafe in the woods of Philadelphia. The cafe is a favorite haunt of mine, when hiking the trails in Fairmount Park or sketching in nature.  My paintings are on display now through December.


The Cedars House, 200 W Northwestern Ave, Phila., PA 19118


Painting process of the Manayunk Trail Bridge


Thank you for viewing


Want to explore Philadelphia’s park & trails, follow the links below:

Wissahickon Valley Park Trail 

Valley Green

Day hiker map

Manayunk Trail Bridge


10 thoughts on “Nature of the city

  1. This is fantastic! And even better, I can go and see this in person! I’ve written down the information. I live about 15 minutes from here, and know this area so well. (In fact, my husband grew up less than a mile from here).Thank you for sharing the info!

    1. Hi Claudia, that sounds great, I knew you were nearby but I didn’t realize how close you were. I will be having an open house this Sunday November 5, from 11-1 at the cafe. If you are free that day would be nice to meet you in person. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

      1. I think we will be able to attend the opening as long as a meteor doesn’t strike me or something – it fits in with our schedule just great. Look forward to meeting you and seeing your work in person!

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