Reflection in the studio

Feeling a little gratitude today. I realized how much I enjoy the WordPress community of bloggers. So much creativity, inspiration and support.  I want to give a shout out to say thank you to everyone that visited, read my blog, followed and commented.  I enjoy all the connections made! 

A glimpse of my art space where I am preparing a new canvas. I will be sharing my creative process, on Periscope @flufnutter  you can view recent videos. Be forewarned,  I am new at this live video thing so it may take me a few more videos to get comfortable filming. 


26 responses to “Reflection in the studio

  1. sportsattitudes

    Glad I found your blog Jen (through Steph!). Thank you for your follow and your support!

  2. That is a beautiful work space Jennifer. I love the presentation. Also, congratulations on going live. Takes gumption. I wish you all the best.

  3. I feel the same Jennifer, there is so much sharing and support.

  4. How exciting! YAY Jennifer! 😄👍🎨❤️ You go girl!

  5. fantastic Jennifer! I’ve yet to manage to figure out how to, SO, Good on you!!

  6. Your blog is always such a pleasure – so thank you! Thank you for sharing your creative process (and results too, of course!)!

  7. Hey you go girl!! So happy for you!! Looks great so far!

  8. Your creative space is dreamy, love it!! I look forward to seeing you on Periscope.

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