Life in pieces

Slicing and dicing my way to something new. Inspired by my old seashell frame I decided to have a little fun experimenting with recycled material, and reusing my old watercolor art. 


Recycled material: Heavy weight cardboard, picture frame (no glass) decorative paper and my watercolor art.



Chopping things up is very therapeutic.. My art in pieces!



Placed decorative paper on the cardboard, after playing with the placement of the art I adhered the pieces to the board. Washes of paint were added to the background and I coated everything with clear matte mod podge to seal it.  The final result.

FullSizeRender 19


24 responses to “Life in pieces

  1. It’s gorgeous, swimming in an ocean of delight.

  2. Oh, Jennifer! This really is wonderful. Oh I love the colors, the shapes, composition, layers….it’s so so beautiful. Makes me wanna immediately chop up all those art fails. Thank you!

  3. oh boy, this looks Lovely!
    like fun, and joyfull colour and gorgeous shapes. playtime and experimentation.
    looks and sounds… Perfect Jennifer!! cheers, Debi

  4. Very nice post!! Lots of great images! Good job!!!

  5. Jennifer, your mixed media is always so imaginative and free!

  6. creativity.! an unexpectedly wonderful result

  7. This is how life is…tearing apart, adding new, reorganizing it into what fits now. You are amazing!

  8. You’ve given me a great idea for my mood board, thanks Jen!

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  10. Good to watch 😊

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