The release

Ideas are most welcome when they appear unannounced. When that creative idea makes a visit I pay attention, because if I ignore the visitor, it will taunt and haunt me all day.

This quick little illustration came about when I participated in the Deepak/Oprah 21 day guided meditation challenge. As I meditated on releasing negativity, an image appeared and stuck with me. I did my best to portray my version of letting go. Holding on to stuff internally, whether anger, negativity, old wounds will keep us chained, hold us back from from a vibrant healthy life.

Open up, let it out and be light.


Release Illustration - 1

Watercolor, pen on paper



Process from start to finish.



12 responses to “The release

  1. I love the energy behind this illustration; what a cool image!!

  2. brilliant!! love the post and your illustration 🙂

  3. Good for you to let go of all that old garbage! Shine on Jennifer! 💜💕 Beautiful illustration! 🎨😊🌟

  4. This is really cool, Jennifer, I wasn’t blogging at the height of busy season, but I love this image and I bet it was really helpful, just creating this (rather than just visualizing it). Well done!

    • Thank you Laura. I have been MIA from WP for a little while. So I do like to play catch up with my fav bloggers when I make the time.. Always a pleasure to see what you have been up to creatively, and also when you stop by.

  5. So very clever and creative, from the heart

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