Good vibes extended

I made a decision in my life to limit my time consuming news. Limiting my time reading and watching the news doesn’t mean I do not care. I declared to live lighter, not to be weighed down with negativity and anger. Aware of today’s news, I felt the need to draw out my feelings.  
Today I chose to create not destroy. I chose to share, to support, and to show love. 

Pencil & pen on paper

12 thoughts on “Good vibes extended

  1. Well said…and well drawn Jen. I totally get your feelings…and am totally jealous I didn’t also get an “artistic” gene as an outlet!

  2. Awesome, Jennifer! I was just telling a friend this today. So much harder to be a creator than a destroyer. Any ignorant punk can destroy. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing your heart & your art with us today.

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