What scares me, this challenge

Oh I wanted to put this book back on the shelf as soon as I picked it up. It scared me to even consider this daily challenge but felt the need to give it a try. Most days I try to live a non boring existence but some days I need an extra push.

Some of the things that scare me: 

making this list!

small talk

Hot Sauce! 

me in front of a camera (on video extra scary)

showing my art

monochromatic clothing!

speaking in front of an audience

my hair!

meeting new people

dancing (when someone is watching)

I could go on, but I won’t! 😬


11 responses to “What scares me, this challenge

  1. What an interesting book and challenge, I’m intrigued, keep us posted on your journey, Jennifer.

  2. I would have put it back on the shelf too! 😳 3 cheers for YOU to work through it! YAY Jennifer! 😄🎨👍


  4. You seem so brave to me!!!!

  5. I would be afraid of that book for sure! 🙂

  6. haha, I’ve always loved that quote…..and before seeing this, I just rescheduled my upcoming dental cleaning to six months from now lol I would find this very challenging but I’m really proud of you for doing it. I love the part about videos and photos of yourself – boy I could amen with you all day on that one hehe

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