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What scares me, this challenge

Oh I wanted to put this book back on the shelf as soon as I picked it up. It scared me to even consider this daily challenge but felt the need to give it a try. Most days I try to live a non boring existence but some days I need an extra push.

Some of the things that scare me: 

making this list!

small talk

Hot Sauce! 

me in front of a camera (on video extra scary)

showing my art

monochromatic clothing!

speaking in front of an audience

my hair!

meeting new people

dancing (when someone is watching)

I could go on, but I won’t! 😬


Many missed days

Playing catch up on my 100 artworks challenge


Mixed media on canvas, decorative paper, watercolor, and marker




Mixed media on wood, paper marker and watercolor



Mixed media, decorative cut paper, shape, watercolor sketch on wood plaque


Paper, marker, paper flowers on mini canvas board