Pop Up Shop

Wonderful opportunities happen when you least expect it. I was invited to open up shop for two days at Bernard Katz Glass Studio. I will take the opportunity to showcase my art pendants, whimsical mixed media paintings and art card stationary. Plenty of affordable unique gifts. Prices ranging from $15. to $55.

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If you are in the Philadelphia area stop by and say hello. Light refreshments will be offered. 

Holiday Event Hours:

Saturday December 12,  10am-3pm

Sunday December 13,  12pm-4pm

Studio Location:

Bernard Katz Glass

3739 Sharp Street

Philadelphia, PA 19128

Artist Bernard Katz offers contemporary hand-blown glass sculptures

B.Katz hand-blown glass ornaments


Art Pendant jewelry – J.Barrile

21 thoughts on “Pop Up Shop

  1. Jennifer, this sounds like such a great opportunity. I am sure you are excited and hope it is a huge success!

  2. beautiful photo gallery and gosh all i wanna say is how fucking brilliant is the piece of yours..the one with the face and the big eye and the tree that comes out of the head..and i wanna say how i fucking love it…but i won’t ,cause that would be inappropriate use of language (and sorry for that but i do LOVE it!)
    greetings to Philadelphia

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