Drawing against my thoughts

Fear finds a way and appears when you least expect it. ( where have you been hiding?) Fear settles in the body like cement, hardening with every new thought. The order is given, a combat begins within, there is a slow release of panic. Pay attention to the feeling, stay silent and listen. Time to draw a way out, to push through and rise above it all.

(The best part of experiencing the emotions within is the ability to draw it out, and look at it face to face.)

I decided on a mash up today, I took an old watercolor I never finished and created a new mixed media piece layering it over the old painting. The figure was pieced together with decorative wrapping paper, marker and watercolor paper. -Mixed media on watercolor paper.



18 thoughts on “Drawing against my thoughts

    1. Ahh you recognized the bridge! I painted from a beautiful photo I took as sun was setting, it cast a lovely shade onto the steel bridge. Thank you Claudia, I hope she is heading someplace great!

  1. I like the bridge image and how it illustrates for me the concept of fear coming and going…and having to navigate the bridge between confidence and uncertainty…which can easily become fear. Well done!

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