Let’s connect exhibit

A community of local artists invited to create art that is based on a specific artwork in the Barnes collection located in Philadelphia, PA.

Excited for the opportunity to exhibit at the Barnes and the chance to win a residency with the help of votes from the public. Anyone who wants to participate to be a voter will be able to visit the museum for FREE!  To register follow this link  LetsConnect  once registered you can vote in person and attend the museum for free until June 4th.

If you are not familiar with the Barnes foundation and the special art collection you can read about it here: Barnesfoundation.org

My inspiration was Cézanne’s painting Girl with birdcage.

My painting, Girl With Cat, plays up to the animal theme of Cézanne’s work, I based it on my own daughter and family cat. Studying the colors of Cézanne’s painting and the surrounding art in the room, I created this artwork as if it would be a companion piece to the other paintings.  (medium: acrylic paint on 8×10″ canvas)

*If you have any questions about the art or event feel free to send me a message. Thank you!

Facebook event page

Wild weather exhales inspiration

During our morning routine before school, my daughter asked me to write a poem. My first thought, I don’t have anything to write about. Then other thoughts followed..

FullSizeRender 2

I hear…… Unknown to me

the sound echos through the empty house

bang, clank shakes me awake

a ghostly presence of make believe

rooms filled with chatter

I try to muffle the noise

quiet restored

my mind is free

to dance around my thoughts

(mixed media art, pencil, marker and cut paper)

Drawing against my thoughts

Fear finds a way and appears when you least expect it. ( where have you been hiding?) Fear settles in the body like cement, hardening with every new thought. The order is given, a combat begins within, there is a slow release of panic. Pay attention to the feeling, stay silent and listen. Time to draw a way out, to push through and rise above it all.

(The best part of experiencing the emotions within is the ability to draw it out, and look at it face to face.)

I decided on a mash up today, I took an old watercolor I never finished and created a new mixed media piece layering it over the old painting. The figure was pieced together with decorative wrapping paper, marker and watercolor paper. -Mixed media on watercolor paper.