10 thoughts on “Give it a try

  1. I understand the sentiment very well. I like how you think. Nail polish is on my list of things to use on a collage. It’s great you’ve done it because I want to know what NOT to do. You know I’m going to go for the sparkly glittery stuff. Because, I’m me.

    1. Thank you much! My inner turmoil and emotions have been seeping out into my work. Ha we can all use more sparkle in our lives! I say go for it! I like to use nail polish on jewelry piece I make it creates a really nice finish. So many uses.

      1. I don’t see turmoil, Jennifer. I see “fantastic”. I hope you’re doing okay. The dollar store has really nice colours. And I’m sketching a few things to see how that will happen. They’ve got pearls and rhinestones for crafts. I might not be able to stop myself. So, the planning phase is very important. x

      2. I say go ahead fill your soul! Get the bling the baubles, thats what creating is all about, the joy and fun of making something new. I can’t wait to see it! Im feeling my way, I just feel stuck sometimes, but I know its a cycle and I will be fine. Thanks for asking

      3. I’ve been there. And that’s why I had to redo a painting recently (upcoming). It was too real in it’s original state and I had to “bling it up” to a higher plane. I hope “my way” will pass soon and that you’ll enjoy bright days. x

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