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My Illustrated Life

Sometimes we need a reminder, not to worry about what other people think or how they conduct themselves. Continue to do your own thing, YOU have potential!

#52/ 100 artworks challenge


Mixed media art: watercolor, pen, metallic marker, cut paper on wood.


The storyteller



Because my love for creating is strong

I will doodle on everything

I will always be late

I will always be caught in a daydream

I will lack sleep

I will always wear handmade jewelry

I will set my sights for inspiration everyday

I will sail across the page in all kinds of adventure

I will always be a storyteller…….    to be continued


FullSizeRender 2

50/100  of the 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media: watercolor, cut paper, marker, 3D paint, matte medium on wood

Living in an orange colored world

Painting the imagination one day at a time. Continuing with the 100 artworks challenge, this is 49/100

Mixed media. Acrylic, nail polish, marker, cut paper on wood frame.



Just keep moving, doesn’t matter how fast, as long as you don’t give up.

I am back to my 100 artworks challenge after a small hiatus this summer!

48/100 Marker & acrylic on wood


Summer nights illustrated

The scary things that greet us in the dark..

42/100  100 artworks challenge Mixed media on wood, acrylic paper, cut paper, matte medium.orange chair - 1 (1)

Escape from reality

We could all use an escape from realty if just for a moment or two. It would be a dream for me to create all the time, with no limits of thought or imagination. Creating anything and everything, my list of ideas are plenty (writing a book & song lyrics made the cut) The moment my pencil, or pen hits that white piece of paper I begin the journey inward. I burrow deep, discovering what plagues my heat or brings joy to my soul, it all filters out onto the page.  I love making art and hope that my work can bring a little joy and inspiration to others.

Making my way to 100! 100 artworks challenge site here is 39 & 40


girlonhill - 1

Mixed media on wood, cut paper, watercolor, acrylic and marker

40/100 (because 40 is fabulous)

orange chair - 1mixed media on wood, cut paper, acrylic, watercolor


Is it?

3 - 1

Mixed media, various decorative paper, watercolor, marker, acrylic on wood

100 artworks challenge

Ride it out

I will wait out storms for you!

IMG_004837/100 Mixed media art- cut paper, watercolor, marker & acrylic on wood

100 artworks challenge

Face the facts

The morning after a few drinks with friends.

DSCF5347Mixed media: Page from a book with watercolor and acrylic on wood.


How far?

Fall….fall….fall… down & down & down but then I stopped to look around

DSCF534534/100 Mixed media decorative paper, watercolor, acrylic, marker on a 9×9 wood plaque