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Come up for air

53/100  100 artworks challenge

FullSizeRender 6

Mixed media: watercolor, marker, cut paper, on wood


The Search



Looking beyond the self only to come back empty handed.

51/ 100 artworks challenge

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Mixed media: watercolor, marker, cut paper, matte medium on wood.

The storyteller



Because my love for creating is strong

I will doodle on everything

I will always be late

I will always be caught in a daydream

I will lack sleep

I will always wear handmade jewelry

I will set my sights for inspiration everyday

I will sail across the page in all kinds of adventure

I will always be a storyteller…….    to be continued


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50/100  of the 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media: watercolor, cut paper, marker, 3D paint, matte medium on wood

Living in an orange colored world

Painting the imagination one day at a time. Continuing with the 100 artworks challenge, this is 49/100

Mixed media. Acrylic, nail polish, marker, cut paper on wood frame.


Summer nights illustrated

The scary things that greet us in the dark..

42/100  100 artworks challenge Mixed media on wood, acrylic paper, cut paper, matte medium.orange chair - 1 (1)

Ride it out

I will wait out storms for you!

IMG_004837/100 Mixed media art- cut paper, watercolor, marker & acrylic on wood

100 artworks challenge

Face the facts

The morning after a few drinks with friends.

DSCF5347Mixed media: Page from a book with watercolor and acrylic on wood.


How far?

Fall….fall….fall… down & down & down but then I stopped to look around

DSCF534534/100 Mixed media decorative paper, watercolor, acrylic, marker on a 9×9 wood plaque



Give it a try

Somedays you need to break free and fly


27/100 Mixed media, paper, watercolor, marker, nail polish on wood

100 artworks challenge 2015

Find your yellow

Fractured days when we feel broken, days when we blend into the background, these days find your yellow. Just find your yellow.

26/100  – mixed media on wood, decorative paper, marker, watercolor sketch and gloss medium

DSCF5298100 artworks challenge