Give it a try

Somedays you need to break free and fly


27/100 Mixed media, paper, watercolor, marker, nail polish on wood

100 artworks challenge 2015


10 responses to “Give it a try

  1. I understand the sentiment very well. I like how you think. Nail polish is on my list of things to use on a collage. It’s great you’ve done it because I want to know what NOT to do. You know I’m going to go for the sparkly glittery stuff. Because, I’m me.

    • Thank you much! My inner turmoil and emotions have been seeping out into my work. Ha we can all use more sparkle in our lives! I say go for it! I like to use nail polish on jewelry piece I make it creates a really nice finish. So many uses.

      • I don’t see turmoil, Jennifer. I see “fantastic”. I hope you’re doing okay. The dollar store has really nice colours. And I’m sketching a few things to see how that will happen. They’ve got pearls and rhinestones for crafts. I might not be able to stop myself. So, the planning phase is very important. x

      • I say go ahead fill your soul! Get the bling the baubles, thats what creating is all about, the joy and fun of making something new. I can’t wait to see it! Im feeling my way, I just feel stuck sometimes, but I know its a cycle and I will be fine. Thanks for asking

      • I’ve been there. And that’s why I had to redo a painting recently (upcoming). It was too real in it’s original state and I had to “bling it up” to a higher plane. I hope “my way” will pass soon and that you’ll enjoy bright days. x

  2. Always enjoy your creations Jennifer

  3. Very creative collage!

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