Sketchy days

As I sit in front of a white blank page, wondering what to create next. I will just draw myself questioning myself, while I create myself…..  My head hurts just thinking about it.


19 responses to “Sketchy days

  1. I like her expression. It’s one of those, “Who put all of this stuff on my desk?” expressions I like to use at work. Body language speaks louder than words. Awesome work, Jennifer.

    • Hello SB! Haha yes I can picture that! Thank you much, mire sketching I hope and less sketchy days.. 😉

      • I would rather stand on my head than sketch/draw but sometimes, I am moved by the spirit. Your girls are adorable as always, Jennifer. I read just now that five planets are in retrograde. I don’t know if you believe in that stuff but you can blame it on Saturn. Warm hugs. xoxoxo

      • Oh a major retrograde, maybe why I’m out of sorts and sluggish this week. Thanks!! Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Lol! We all have those days…sigh. 😳 Glad you could find humor in it! 😄

  3. that is SO So Funny!!!!!! great sketch Jennifer!
    wonderfully created.
    and yes, I agree, there are those days. then I just have to tell myself “its just your job to show up to the paper, not to dictate the Outcome.” it seems… to help. I tell myself so. LOL

  4. Nothing beats that expression! haha we all have those days, glad you’re making the most of it, Jennifer!

  5. LOL This is so me also at times. The circle of “now what?”

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