19 thoughts on “Sketchy days

  1. I like her expression. It’s one of those, “Who put all of this stuff on my desk?” expressions I like to use at work. Body language speaks louder than words. Awesome work, Jennifer.

      1. I would rather stand on my head than sketch/draw but sometimes, I am moved by the spirit. Your girls are adorable as always, Jennifer. I read just now that five planets are in retrograde. I don’t know if you believe in that stuff but you can blame it on Saturn. Warm hugs. xoxoxo

      1. Hi Jennifer! I learned from Cat Bennett – when you open a new journal, you randomly mark a few pages with a pencil or other drawing material. You “wreck it” so to speak – so it no longer feels precious. I don’t know if this will help you, but it helped me a lot. I no longer feared a blank page! 😍💕🎨

  2. that is SO So Funny!!!!!! great sketch Jennifer!
    wonderfully created.
    and yes, I agree, there are those days. then I just have to tell myself “its just your job to show up to the paper, not to dictate the Outcome.” it seems… to help. I tell myself so. LOL

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