Fill up

Do the things that bring you joy and fills your soul. Create your moments!


This image and the words were on my mind for days, I decided to draw it out and let it flow onto the page.



Illustration: Watercolor and pen on Canson 140 lb paper 

17 thoughts on “Fill up

  1. this is so beautiful Jennifer; your painting of the woman, I love how she is anchored…. yet flows upwards and her hair extends, transforming!! very cool!

  2. Wow, so pleased to have found your blog and begin to follow. I so love the freedom and flow I felt as I watched you paint this piece!

  3. Seriously, another really cool one. I’m so glad you released her to the page. You have a huge ball of greatness bundled up inside you and we wanna see it come out! Love it! Now I need to go back and watch the videos 😀

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