What is old is new again

Recently discovered a watercolor painting I created in my teens. The old photograph I referenced to paint this portrait is still in my possession.  The photo is my favorite because we looked like we were happy, and having good old fashion fun. Luckily my sister doesn’t read my blog or she might object to showcasing this painting.  Anyway,  I love how we looked and probably how we felt at this age ( 4 & 7?), we were goofy kids without a care in the world. Those days were magical, by that I mean, we lived without limitations, lived fully, lived without body issues, lived for play and loved fully (and fought fully).  Some days felt like time would stand still. Looking back helped me to realize what I need in the present day. My time should be spent living fully in the moment, do what I love daily, always keep a sense of wonder, love deeply and maybe dance silly wearing a swim float occasionally just to keep things real!  Oh the memories!

Dedicated to my lovely, talented bossy little sister, who will always be my best friend. The original singing and dancing Libra’s!

– Watercolor on paper.

FullSizeRender 7

15 thoughts on “What is old is new again

  1. Really sweet memories and wonderful painting! It shows the playfulness you described in your post. 😊 It reminds me of the “good old days” with my sister. 💖

  2. How cute. I can never get flesh colours right. I might need to do a bit of practice. And… Happy Birthday, dear Jennifer!!!!!!!!!! It’s Tuesday on my planet. x

    1. Yup Tuesday it is! Thank you very much SB !! 😊✨ the flesh doesn’t have to be too difficult to paint, if you break it down in terms of light shadow infusing more than one color. Non traditionally you can get away with minimal color. Play around with it!

      1. I will try to work on it. I wanted to paint on someone from a magazine print, but didn’t want to mess up her complexion. The paint has to be minimally diluted for it to stick so I’ll try it out on something and see if I can make it work. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. x

  3. Its good to look back every now and then. It helps put things back into perspective.

    Life back then, 40+yrs in my case, was so much simpler and ultimately more enjoyable than today.

    Oh to be a child again…back then though…not now! 😊

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