Where the wind will take me

It felt like I was adrift at sea too long, encountered many storms along the way, but the journey has been a thrill. The weather has changed, now my course is set,  I will hang on for a bit longer and enjoy the view.


My illustrated life set up-  Background: acrylic on canvas. Small sailboat and my mini me: watercolor, pen on paper


18 responses to “Where the wind will take me

  1. So juicy and imaginative. I love the way this one photographed. x

    • Thank you! It was actually a spur of the moment idea and capture before I had to run off to my day job. I had fun with it!

      • I so envy you. I feel completely rubbish at taking photos. Perhaps I should relax or try taking them before going outside. (Covers face with hands). I enjoy moments of spontaneity. If only I were equal to them, too. I hope you’ll have a great Saturday. x

      • Oh don’t you dare, you have lovely photos posted on your blog! My original idea was forced and just didn’t work. Then while busy doing other things the ship idea popped in my head. The words came later. I rely on diffused natural light indoors. I say just have fun and take some random photos this weekend don’t worry about how they look just have fun with it. Btw I take multiple photos of one subject to get pick the best one.

      • Thanks, Jennifer. I am going to take your advice and play with my camera over the weekend. I like diffused indoor lighting but wasn’t sure if that was a “thing.” I will try again later with my illustration/collage boards. I am working on two new paintings, so I should be very happily distracted.

      • Yay painting! Have fun weekend! 🌞

  2. I love dimensional art. What a great idea. Glad to hear you are back on course. 😊

  3. clever, quirky, with a ‘story…. love it!


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