Christmas rain

Oh the weather outside is….. warm… unusually warm. No white stuff this Christmas but I can create one. Go ahead and create your own moments this holiday and everyday!

Merry Merry!



Greetings from my little frosty village…




31 thoughts on “Christmas rain

  1. Jennifer, that image is a Christmas-y welcome sight as the thunder rolls outside and the temps rise towards 70. Crazy weather for our area but if the alternative is a foot of snow and ice it’s a tough call for those trying to get with loved ones. A little snow would be nice but I don’t think that’s on the menu here anymore! In any event all the best to you, yours and your readers for a fabulous Holiday season!

      1. It’s the simple truth. I love your people that you create, so expressive and I like how all of them have a quirky look like they’d be interesting to know!

  2. Our Christmas was unseasonably warm and gloomy as well. Wish I would have thought of imagining my own white Christmas but as it was I got through the day living in denial. I shoulda come to your little frosty village. I hope you had a nice holiday and wishing you the best in 2016!!

  3. I love your frosty little village! Still waiting for the Real Winter to stand up. It seems to be trying, but….Have a happy year, Jennifer!

  4. This is really cute! I was such a grump Xmas day because I was wearing a tank top! Wish I saw this sooner. I still have one more Xmas post and I feel silly since it’s 1/11. We were in Charleston for a few days last week and they thought we had snow. I was like no not yet. There was no white xmas this year.

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