Shaking off the winter blues, on foot with a camera.

Is it the winter blues or is it just lackluster days, bringing me to want to hibernate till Spring. Not sure but my creativity is at a low making me feel off balance.  So when I saw that bright yellow thing in the sky (the sun), and felt the warmer air, I thought it be a good day for a walk. Instead of the same walking routine, I decided to take it slow, with my camera in hand to take in nature around me. Stuff I might have normally missed, this is what I captured:

We have many huge trees in this part of the city.

Love the steeple and old houses

Hey that stone has hair.

Favorite park

What a slush mush, the only non shoveled sidewalk I encountered.

Tons of ivy not bothered by winter

My favorite, ornamental cabbage. I want a whole garden filled with these colorful leaves.

One thought on “Shaking off the winter blues, on foot with a camera.

  1. Can relate to having creativity lows, for sure! This time of year can do it to you, for sure. Great idea to take it slow, and move to a medium which is fun for you.
    You’ll get back to the rest when you are ready!
    I am just pulling myself out of a long hiatus right now, and I’m glad to be drawing more. Will be scanning things later. I want to get more work done before I do that.
    Love the photos! Keep it up! 😀

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