Kicking back on streets of New York

In moments of spontaneity inspiration appears


Exploring the city on foot.


Looking up, the beams on this building seem fit for climbing. Sign appropriate.


The eye catching New Museum, with its unique modern exterior is sandwiched between a neighborhood full of aged buildings. This building is home to new contemporary art, located in lower Manhattan.

DSCF5121The nights are always ablaze.


Inspiration can be found anywhere if you dare to stop and notice…

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Shaking off the winter blues, on foot with a camera.

Is it the winter blues or is it just lackluster days, bringing me to want to hibernate till Spring. Not sure but my creativity is at a low making me feel off balance.  So when I saw that bright yellow thing in the sky (the sun), and felt the warmer air, I thought it be a good day for a walk. Instead of the same walking routine, I decided to take it slow, with my camera in hand to take in nature around me. Stuff I might have normally missed, this is what I captured:

We have many huge trees in this part of the city.

Love the steeple and old houses

Hey that stone has hair.

Favorite park

What a slush mush, the only non shoveled sidewalk I encountered.

Tons of ivy not bothered by winter

My favorite, ornamental cabbage. I want a whole garden filled with these colorful leaves.