Happy Day

Little Miss O, happy birthday! It has been 10 years since the day we were graced with your beautiful little face with the rosy cheeks. You gave us a gift of love with your presence, excited to finally hold you in our arms.

In these 10 years you have grown and so has your personality! Dear, you are the most caring, loving child with a wonderful sense of humor and an imaginative spirit. You are shy at times but when the choosing strikes you can be bold, vocal with need to have the last word. You are my love and inspire me everyday. You show me how to live in the moment and see the wonder in everything!

Happy 10th Birthday!

Love you to the moon and back……

Day 24




The guide

Winged beauty

Stands tall high above all

Out stretched hands grasping

nothing returned

High on her feet the cold hard surface pressing

One step forward

guided by the future

Still standing tall high above all


Sometimes we are given words and ideas and we just need to get it out of the head and write them down or draw it out. It so happened that the words came to me first. Years later thought the sketch was appropriate for this.



Inspiration comes in all forms, from anywhere and anyone we meet. Be open to receive and wonderful things will blossom.  Dedicated to all those that have inspired me and kept life interesting and hope I do the same.. Go create… #CED2014


My sketch book

Some sketches that I captured on an excursion to my favorite scenic locale. Enjoyed a nice evening walk with my family, accompanied  with a picnic and relaxing by the water watching the rowers. My goal is to carry my sketchbook with me more often.

Nearby a grouping of trees I didn’t get a chance to finish.