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Head in the clouds

When I get lost in the craziness of the day I draw myself back to solitude.  This sketch was inspired by the words that bounced through my mind today,


-pencil and pen on paper



Painting out the kinks

Replenished my art supplies this weekend, excited to finally get the chance to try out the new watercolor paints, paper and brushes.  After my second attempt to paint, the new items made it feel like a struggle, artwork seemed muddled I was left frustrated.  Maybe its all in my head knowing Im working with new supplies, but I will give it another chance…

DSCF4957  -watercolor, marker on paper



start over

Swirl of negative thoughts  beg to be heard

we listen, get swept away and lose out on what matters

playback begins, to attempt to erase the day

DSCF4939-watercolor & pen on paper


Bask in the glow

Don’t allow people to use their darkness to blanket your authentic self

and strip your joy. Let yourself shine so your own path can be illuminated.



-watercolor on paper


Inner garden

Its time to cultivate your inner garden to create space for new growth.

Reach, grow, prosper..

DSCF4935Watercolor, pencil & pen on paper