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Doodling Day 14

Welcome to my world…

DSCF4797Marker, color pencil on cardboard




Fly Day 13


color pencil, marker on toned paper

#aedm2014   Art everyday month challenge

Grey days

   The fog settles in for what seems like a long stay

It blankets all, empty of comfort

Don’t let it grab hold

It will quietly slip away


Day 12


art everyday month challenge

Day 11

Make a wish!


DSCF4793-watercolor, pencil on paper   #aedm2014

Art everyday month challenge


Just create Day 10

There a days when ideas flow making it quite easy to make art. Today was not one of those day but I pushed through determined to get something on paper. A reconfigured, crazy, hazy little doodle.

Watercolor, pencil & marker on paper.  #aedm2014



Art Everyday Month challenge

Day 9 The climb

My sketch was inspired by nature. I enjoyed a beautiful hike today with friends and while observing my surroundings, I noticed what looked like polka dots dancing on the tall branches of a bare tree. My interpretation on the traveling dots.



watercolor & pencil on paper


Day 8

Nature inspired



colorpencil & marker on paper

creative everyday   #aedm2014

Day 7

Every piece of art created doesn’t have to be a masterpiece sometimes its just a simple line when we can find the time. So I pay homage to a regular day, a small doodle to keep up with art everyday month.. #aedm2014


Day 6

We may think we know but sometimes its not always what it seems to be.


-watercolor, marker on paper

Art everyday month challenge  #aedm2014

The heart – day 5


The heart – Some days we try to protect it, surround it, enclose it

so not to feel, to hurt, but then someone comes along to shine a light

expose it and lift the layers.




-watercolor & pen on paper