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Tree of life

Opened up the sketchbook tonight, in an attempt to draw out the kinks of my day and add colors of happiness to fill in the dark lines of my soul.

DSCF4992marker on paper



Day 30 Cast of Characters

Participating in the art everyday month challenge has been fun and inspiring. Some days I forced myself to make time out of a busy day to create art and it was always worth it. The end result of the challenge, art was created everyday. (minus a few days when  I was sick)

Now on to something new,

to be continued…..


Happy Day

Little Miss O, happy birthday! It has been 10 years since the day we were graced with your beautiful little face with the rosy cheeks. You gave us a gift of love with your presence, excited to finally hold you in our arms.

In these 10 years you have grown and so has your personality! Dear, you are the most caring, loving child with a wonderful sense of humor and an imaginative spirit. You are shy at times but when the choosing strikes you can be bold, vocal with need to have the last word. You are my love and inspire me everyday. You show me how to live in the moment and see the wonder in everything!

Happy 10th Birthday!

Love you to the moon and back……

Day 24





Day 23 Sick bug reins

Unfortunately I was visited by the sick bug again, a relapse. I decided not to spend my Sunday sick in bed but to utilize my time and create art. Allowing myself to putter around my art room all day doing whatever made me feel happy. I was able to finish painting this picture that I started earlier in the week.


-watercolor, pen on paper



Day 22

This is not an end give yourself permission to begin again.




Day 21 The good the bad

I take comfort knowing I have an outlet for all the ideas, crazy thoughts positive & negative that occupies my mind. My first love is drawing, but I find I am writing more often and it feels like a good fit which I hope continues to grow.



Nature finds a way to be heard

the wind howls outside

the quiet of the room

forced nature shadows upon my own thoughts

stubborn, relentless thoughts

move on, move on


let the breeze carry it all away



Creative Everday

Finding a way Day 20

Inspiring words seem to arrive when you least expect it. Explaining my frustrations of the day, friends gave me great advice.

“Don’t always have to wait on others to accomplish what you want, just find your own way to create your ideas, your dreams.”




Day 19

Doodle therapy

Let loose, thoughts gone, create joy within the lines.

DSCF4814Art everyday month challenge







Frida Day 17

Inspired by Frida Kahlo, my interpretation.



watercolor and pencil on paper


Day 15 & 16


For my art everyday challenge I decided to create jewelry pieces using clay.

 I was inspired by Frida Kahlo.

DSCF4805Art everyday month challenge  #aedm2014