100 days of songs illustrated

It has been an interesting creative ride on this 100 day journey, my second year participating in this project. I spent 100 days illustrating song lyrics as my topic of choice for The 100 Day Project  .

Happy to have completed this project now, but in the beginning I was nervous about choosing this theme and whether or not I would finish the project.. Knowing that every artwork wasn’t going to be a masterpiece, allowing for this process to be a fun exploration, helped me to stay on course. Following along with the community of inspiring, creative folks who were on the same journey was encouraging..

All of my art is under 8″ x 10″, and I began with limited color (exceptions to this rule) and I created with a variety of mediums, some mixed media utilizing cut paper, and even digital/video.

If you would like to see more of my process, with in depth descriptions and the music that inspired each artwork please visit, my Instagram profile: @JensImaginings , and follow #100DaysOfSongsIllustrated

Over the next few weeks I will share a few of my favorite creations and the process.

Do you recognize any songs in the art?

You can view my original  blog post  about my first day.

My list of songs for this project

8 thoughts on “100 days of songs illustrated

    1. Very kind of you to say Emma thank you very much. I guess when one is taking small steps, creating one day at a time, the 100 days seems to come easier and quicker than first imagined.

      1. Agree! .. most songs were ones I listened to already and most either told a great visual story, or the sound inspired me. As I reached closer to the end was it a little more challenging to pick a song.

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