Oh hello darling,  I miss you..

Yes I have been neglecting you old buddy, missed out on your ever changing landscape, your colorful words, exquisite taste of imagery, and inspiring ways.. You always had something new to say and I can always find an adventure or two at my fingertips…

Forgive me darling, my attention played on other playgrounds, it kept me away from hanging out with you..  I couldn’t resist your algorithm charm, I knew one day this gal would return to you with a spark of enthusiasm…

Have you missed me..WordPress?  … huh?

Oh your silence is cruel..


My choice of play has been Instagram, and Facebook but I did miss writing…  My goal this year is to get back to writing and posting regularly.. I really did miss reading my favorite bloggers posts, such a great community of talented inspirational people on WordPress.

Illustration: pencil on paper

8 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Oh, it is so hard to keep up!! 😉 I always enjoy seeing your art on IG and WordPress when you have time. I seem to always be running behind on reading others blogs but IG I do better. And then there is Facebook… Lol! There just isn’t enough hours in my day. So no worries my friend!! 😄

    1. Thank you Jill.. I feel the same way.. It is always and inspiration to view and read blogs of so many talented people.. It is nice to make connections across social media.. Always a pleasure Jill to see you work and progress.. There is joy in your art! Have a creative day!!

  2. Hi Jennifer…welcome back. I wandered away from WP for quite awhile and was sad to see when I returned you had done so as well. Nice to have your artistic talent back here!

    1. Aww thank you! Glad to know you are back up as well! My attention was on other social platforms and daily life grind blogging just happened to be neglected.. I did miss writing and reading blog posts.. I hope to get back in a rhythm.. Have a great day!!!

  3. I missed you!! I go on IG, but find it not my thing. WP takes ages to do… but, I do like it much better. I am so glad to see you BACK!! 🙂 smiling now

    1. Aww thank you Debi! You made me smile 🙂 I didn’t realize you were on IG, your page is beautiful so much eye candy.. I like writing but I enjoy IG much more enjoy creating content. Yes won’t to get back to using writing and using WP regularly.. Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

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