Without a plan, I just let the paint take form on paper and this image came forth, as the words “my mind is full” swirled in my head..




Watercolor on paper.


14 responses to “Mindful

  1. I love what you created. Very pretty “open mind”, Jennifer. xo

  2. It’s freaking cool! Love this illustration! Thanks for sharing, Jennifer.

  3. WOWZA! Love, LOVE watching you paint!! Your mind is FULL of beauty, my friend!! 💕🎨😍

  4. Wow, your hand moves fast! (Just kidding). Seriously, I enjoyed watching the image take shape and how sure you seemed to be of where to go with it!

  5. YOU are a very clever woman!!
    very creative. and your imagination is ….. so delightful! love it! cheers, Debi

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