Story time

Are you falling, caught, uplifted, or maybe swinging around having fun? I would love to know what you perceive from the illustration? Feel free to comment, whatever comes to mind.


-Watercolor, marker, on Canson cold press paper, 140 lb.

Recently I have been painting and drawing intuitively, including this art. This little illustration started with some pencil marks on paper resembling leaves which brought forth this image. No photos involved just my imagination.

25 thoughts on “Story time

  1. What a great artist you are! At first glance I thought of Jack (or Jennifer?) and the Beanstalk! But, seriously, I can see this as a logo for a gal who is into gardening or some other nature-inspired endeavor!

  2. Jacqueline and the Beanstalk. Going somewhere interesting this time and not just to some giant’s house in the sky that will then try to eat her. The giant, not the house. How about – Hawaii, instead?

  3. she’s falling, gently, there’s no fear there. and she’s caught by the leaf. there’s also a gentle breeze – running through both the girl and the plant – the plant is real long. all very beautiful and peaceful.

  4. hm, perception reminded me my uni days..haha!
    well, the movement of the body shows a falling state, however, the face shows some playful attitude, so i’ll also add up swinging around having fun!
    now, where is my prize? any fresh grilled fish for the black kitten? ahaha
    love and meow meow

    1. Ahh didn’t think about the psychology behind it. Did receive wonderful creative commentary, sorry no big prize or a tasty fish just a big thank you for taking the time to engage in the conversation. You made me laugh! 😻😻

  5. I’m late on this one, like some five years (!), but in hindsight, I’m kind of seeing us in this pandemic. Free falling, not knowing exactly what is going on, but kind of managing anyway, somehow.
    It’s a wonderful drawing, so lively!

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