Don’t forget to pack a lunch

A nutritious balanced meal mid day is a must to keep your energy up. For big and little monsters.. Have a fun day! 



When my kiddo needs a bag lunch for a school trip I love to doodle up some fun.. I love to doodle on everything.  I think she enjoys it as much as I do.

13 thoughts on “Don’t forget to pack a lunch

  1. Those “delicious” doodles. What a cute way to spend mid-day enjoying the meal inside…and reminding her she’s never far from home.

  2. My dad was a Jr. High (called middle school now) Algebra teacher and he used to draw wonderful cartoons on his students papers to encourage them. I thought this was so cool as a kid! Then one of the kid’s parents made a negative comment, so he quit. I haven’t thought about this in years. I guess my point is to keep doing this creative art if it brings you JOY! Your kids may someday thank you for it. 🎨😃💖💕🌟

    1. Thanks for sharing your dads story Jill it is a shame that he stopped the drawings because of a parents negative feedback. But yes if we enjoy something we should keep doing it! 😀

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