The smaller side of life


The stupid moments of the day you wish you can just erase. Maybe hide,  or submerge oneself entirely in a glass of wine, unlikely…….                                  Instead I will try and draw myself there..




Pressures of the day can be demanding. Oh I will shrink myself down, down, down not because of fear, but to be one with nature, one with the leaves, grass, and flowers. I will submerge in the surroundings and be one with myself.  Peace is restored.


Doodle: Pen & colored pencil on paper

11 responses to “The smaller side of life

  1. I can relate! 😊 some days are like this and being one with nature always helps me relax. Very creative! 😊🍂💚

  2. Rolled on the floor when I saw you in those leaves. The expression on your face is priceless. Great job with the meme, Jennifer. Love it. x

  3. Great post, hope it made you feel better about the day after you did this kind of therapy….it helps me alot this way!!

  4. This is wonderful, Jennifer! Boy and I can relate as well. Thanks for sharing it.


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