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What do books, artwork and a gnome with a broken foot have in common?  Nothing! I am in search of  inspiration in any form. I have been caught in a dust storm of sorts, a creative dry spell. I am finding ways to replenish thy soul, by doing the things I enjoy, like reading books from my favorite authors. It helps to know that this will pass, to be patient and to do the things that will fill my well of inspiration.

I would love your feedback. How do you cope with a creative dry spell?

IMG_1365Other books I enjoy reading when in need of inspiration:

Julia Cameron, The Artist Way

Henriette Anne Klauser, Write It Down Make It Happen

David Usher, Let The Elephants Run

12 thoughts on “gnome place like home

  1. Hi Jennifer – I like your choice of books. The Artists Way has been a great help to me. One of the ways I get help with a creative dry spell is to go to the library. Just thumbing through art books gets my creative juices going. Also, walking helps me with creative thinking.
    I hope this helps.

  2. I love that Klausner book; I’m so glad you love it too!! I like to browse art books and the blogs for inspiration. Particularly the photography blogs! Something else that really helps me is flowers. Either from the garden or at the supermarket, you can always get your hands on something that begs to be brought to life on the page!! Think of something beautiful, or make a whole list, and something will call to you. Good luck! 💜

    1. Thank you Laura for your ideas. I appreciate it! I do love flowers will have to use them more often. I plan on reading klausners book again it’s been awhile. I will give your ideas a try much thanks! 😄

  3. I go to the store, or farmers market, or second hand thrift shop, buy a bunch of color fruits or vegetables, or buy an interesting bowl or cup or something and bring it home and draw….hence…the painted pear…good luck…it will work itself out!

  4. I start another project! One I’m not supposed to, one that no one knows about, that might not turn out, then when it doesn’t it quickly gets me back to what I’m good at! LOL Hope that helps. Lovely to visit your blog. 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting Suzi I appreciate your feedback. Yes I like your secret project idea I need to do something because I’m not creating anything. I will try it! 😍

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