Adventures of the young professional

And so the story goes…  There is a time during the younger years that we are so full of life, bright eyed with possibilities and hope for the future. But as the years carry on we get set in our ways and sometimes that twinkle in our eye fades. The  flame has not gone out completely we just have to find ways to spark that light once again.

When I created this sketch for someone who was at the moment moving on with her career and living life fearlessly, I had a flash of insight….Why not conduct ourselves as if we are still that young professional, by listening to our instincts, having fun, be open to endless possibilities, with a can do attitude. Moral to this story enjoy every moment, don’t take yourself and life so seriously, be open and aware of opportunities, and infuse a little humor in your day. Go ahead live fearlessly and follow your heart where ever it may take you.

Favorite quotes:

“Leap, & the net will appear”– but this is the sticky part: our net is invisible. It is there but we must believe in it to see it. – Julia Cameron

“The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.                                   -Maya Angelou






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