Take a hike, really!

For my birthday  I wanted to spend the day out enjoying the fall weather with my family. Lucky for me there were no complaints when I mentioned a scenic hike at Valley Forge National Historical Park, a great place to explore and a  short drive from where we live. So we took a hike – this was our day:

After looking around the visitor center, I managed to convince these two to get off the wall and start walking!Image

Some of the things we saw on our walk….Image

Replicated HutsImage


National Memorial Arch, 1917

Commemorates the “patience and fidelity” of the soldiers who wintered at Valley Forge in 1777-78

Taking in the view near the monument.

A quick snapshot of an old barn/farm house we passed which looks haunted..  Its probably the sun glare.

My daughter had to stop and  greet the fuzzy caterpillar, this was the second time she spotted one.

Made our way to Washington’s Headquarters, which was our last stop before heading home. I think she is learning a little something about George Washington.

Old things.

All good things must come to an end and it was a very good day.

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