Sketches day 3 and 4

Art Every Day Month  (AEDM)

Day 3

I was flipping through a sketch book, and came across a drawing my daughter did, which appealed to me. So I decided to interpret what she sketched into a new drawing, I used  color pencils and marker on paper.

This is my daughter’s drawing that I based my sketch.  In her words, its “just a scribble”

Day 4

A chilly, grey day. Quick marker sketch in pastel & pencil  on paper.


stormy weather

So September goes out with a bang, lots of rain and wind. Sometimes I enjoy the gloomy weather, there is some kind of comfort, coziness when its raining. I just want to relax inside with a good book and a cup of tea.

Today I drove through my neighborhood to run an errand, I pass this place a lot, but today I took notice of how the trees and landscape looked against the cool grey sky. I made a mental image and came home to do a quick pastel sketch of what I remembered.