Mini adventures

A Saturday afternoon excursion.

I just love mini adventures, a day trip to someplace new.  While visiting a farm with the family in New Jersey, I discovered a wildlife refuge a short distance away. The Edwin B. Forysthe National Wildlife Refuge was a great discovery and well worth the time to stop and check it out.

My family and I spent time walking through the marsh area, we traveled along the boardwalk, observed wildlife and we drove along an 8 mile loop through the wetland.

I created a few small paintings from the photographs I captured on our visit.. Let me take you on a little journey…….



A walk along the gravel pathway I stopped to observe the lone trees.  I enjoyed the slender shape trunks and bushy foliage of the tree tops. The October sun smiled warmly on us, surrounded by the quiet of nature, while the air danced softly with the tall grass.

(tall grass tall trees. 5×7″ painting on paper: watercolor, acrylic paint on 140 lb coldpress paper)


We walked along a gravel pathway that led to a long stretch of boardwalk over the wetland. All was still, the sun sparkled on the water, you could hear the soft chatter of birds and the buzz of insects flying around. Across the the marsh, there was a glimpse of the Atlantic City skyline in the distance.

(My husband & daughter observing the water. painting on paper, acrylic on 140 lb coldpress paper)


The best part of this wildlife refuge was an 8 mile loop car ride around the marsh area. The views were stunning, we stopped a few times along the way to take in the sights and climb a look out tower.

(The 8 mile loop, 5×7″ painting on paper: acrylic paint on 140 lb coldpress paper)


Photograph: wetlands with Atlantic City skyline in the distance.



The look out tower with a telescope, magnificent views!


This was beautiful and peaceful place, I didn’t want to leave!..


For more information visit the website:

Edwin B. Forysthe National Wildlife Refuge

800 Great Creek Road
Galloway, New Jersey 08205

Visit anytime of the year, sunrise to sunset:

The seasons of wildlife at the refuge  

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Wandering inspiration

A weekend spent wandering around Lancaster, Pennsylvania. My husband and I spent time driving around Pennsylvania Dutch Country with a map in hand and no particular place to go. I was inspired by the historic towns, unique shops and sprawling farm land.  Along the way I captured some images that caught my eye.

Hope you enjoy the ride….


Lancaster has many covered bridges, 25 to be exact unfortunately we only found one.DSCF2948

Driving through Terre Hill, the delicate iron work at this cemetery caught my eye, had to stop and take a picture –  the clouds rolled in, in time for a dramatic shot.DSCF2951

A stop in Litiz. Chocolate!  Enough said…….DSCF2946

Fancy teapot display at Wilbur Chocolate Factory. DSCF2943


Couldn’t pass this up, had to check out the store. DSCF2941


More information on Lancaster PA:

City of Lancaster, PA

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

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