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Mothers Day

For a loving, giving, and funny woman who I adore, my mom. Im grateful for her encouragement of my art, never squashed my creativity and allowed me draw on the walls! This is for her!  Happy Mother’s Day to any and all who celebrate.



Moon tales

Fasten the moon

Let us take flight

Lost forever if held too tight

Missed are the days amongst the memories

21/100 Mixed media, on wood plaque


100 artworks challenge

More than just

Yes we are more than just _  (insert your own thought)  Days that let us down, we get caught up with the drama in real time or in our heads.  Knowing something is not a good fit for us and not doing enough to change it.  A shift within occurs, it all unravels, and we begin to rely on ourselves for answers, we see ourselves for who are and that is ok.


-watercolor, pen on paper


Renew in gratitude


The heart wants

Expand, grow with change

the layers of life can now be shed


Head in the clouds

When I get lost in the craziness of the day I draw myself back to solitude.  This sketch was inspired by the words that bounced through my mind today,


-pencil and pen on paper


start over

Swirl of negative thoughts  beg to be heard

we listen, get swept away and lose out on what matters

playback begins, to attempt to erase the day

DSCF4939-watercolor & pen on paper


Magic Day 18

As I sat waiting for the traffic light to change, during my morning commute, I discovered a little morning magic. Surrounded in a beautiful shower of leaves I was inspired by the moment this is my interpretation.






Grey days

   The fog settles in for what seems like a long stay

It blankets all, empty of comfort

Don’t let it grab hold

It will quietly slip away


Day 12


art everyday month challenge

Play amongst the trees



Swing, swing all the way high

Fall days filled with magic

Changes hidden amongst the trees

Spontaneity grabs hold

Lost, lost in the beauty