The little things in life

When we don’t look down

When we don’t look around

When we don’t stop to take in the┬ámoment

We might miss out on something spectacular

This day during an impromptu trip to the beach with friends, the kiddos looked down as they walked and noticed the ground moving! It was covered with colorful unique shells that slowly moved, snails! Hundreds of them! Squeals of delight, excitement and then curiosity kicked in. So it taught us an important lesson, always look where you step or you might squash a friend!




Unexpected blue in the familiar

Spent the day out with family, a spur of the moment change in plans led to some finds that caught my eye. Spotted this door at the playground, something I have passed many times before but never took notice. Love the color of this old door, the stone and touch of ivy.


Blue chair! I want this! I spotted the chair from a distance, should have taken a closer look. Image

Cute bird house.