Summer Creativity with Coffee Filters

A lazy summer day,  a box of art supplies an idea and a few fun hours spent being creative. A homemade wreath made from coffee filters, is a simple idea using a few supplies. From a distance you won’t notice this was made from coffee filters. My daughter had so much fun making this project.


All the supplies we used.

I decorated  the filters with markers  and my 7 year old used pencil crayon  which created a softer look. After coloring the filters we layered two filters together using a dab of glue in the center of one filter and layered the other filter on top with a little scrunching it looked more like a flower.

I used an old square cork board, and thumb tacks to hold each flower in place. We began to place our finished flower filters (not being too neat) covering entire cork board, next we attached  string  to the back of cork board to be hung on the door.

The end result

The finishing touch –  my daughter wrote the word summer in the center of the wreath. Now she has ideas for all the seasons and holidays, its never ending!

– Have fun creating your own!

A rainy day, an unfinished painting and creativity with tape.

A rainy, rainy day.. Catching up on a painting that I started and stopped a few months ago. Now I have a new found appreciation and want to see where the painting will take me. I am using oil pastel on canvas with and ebony pencil. Its an interesting mix of materials, experimenting with the medium on canvas at times has been tricky to control but I am having fun with it. Trying  a little creativity on this rainy rainy day, amongst other things…….

Some miscellaneous creative experimentation of the magic of scotch tape from my  six year old. She who loves using tape in all unconventional ways with the help of the handy scissors. She enjoys cutting things into little tiny pieces to just re-attach it again with tape. The not so happy moment when I realized she covered my table, the ruler and 2 mystery items all in tape.

Mystery item one a seashell, mystery item two still unknown.