Welcome back

Sitting down at my desk combing through papers, I discovered a piece of work that I abandon ages ago.  I can look at an unfinished painting or drawing with fresh eyes, such discoveries fill me with the inspiration to finish what I started. Welcome back!

A windows daydream… Water color, pen on paper.




Not keeping up with the times

So I wrote a letter…  not a text message, or an email but a hand written note using paper and a pen.

I have a friend who enjoys writing letters, occasionally she will write to me.  Feeling a spark of creativity on Sunday, I decided to finally reply to one of her letters, I included this sketch to adorn the front of my letter.

Marker & color pencil



#CED2014  #Marchtransition

Creative Everyday

But its cold outside….

Happy 2014! Be bold, dare to dream and focus within.

Starting the year off with a return to Creative Everyday Challenge for the month of January. This month’s theme is:

Past Present and Future

A frigid snow day brought forth a creative fun day. I dusted off my watercolor box, sifted through piles- dug out some paper  (ok organization should be my resolution) and created this months challenge.

past present future

To learn more about the monthly challenge visit Leah at  Creative Everyday