The little things in life

When we don’t look down

When we don’t look around

When we don’t stop to take in the moment

We might miss out on something spectacular

This day during an impromptu trip to the beach with friends, the kiddos looked down as they walked and noticed the ground moving! It was covered with colorful unique shells that slowly moved, snails! Hundreds of them! Squeals of delight, excitement and then curiosity kicked in. So it taught us an important lesson, always look where you step or you might squash a friend!




the three sunrises

Holding on to summer a little longer. My September vacation at Ocean City, MD, was great, perfect weather and had a fun time with family. This trip I packed my art supplies and was determined to sketch some on the beach. Every morning I would wake at 6am  and head to the beach. I watched the sunrise  and I sketched- 3 pictures were done in oil pastel on paper, a quick rendition of the rising sun, each day a little different. I enjoyed the quiet reflective time just me the beach and my sketchbook.



sunrise OcMd


My sister at the beach, quick pen sketch from my sketchbook.