the three sunrises

Holding on to summer a little longer. My September vacation at Ocean City, MD, was great, perfect weather and had a fun time with family. This trip I packed my art supplies and was determined to sketch some on the beach. Every morning I would wake at 6am  and head to the beach. I watched the sunrise  and I sketched- 3 pictures were done in oil pastel on paper, a quick rendition of the rising sun, each day a little different. I enjoyed the quiet reflective time just me the beach and my sketchbook.



sunrise OcMd


My sister at the beach, quick pen sketch from my sketchbook.

in my head

The past few weeks, I haven’t touched a brush or pencil to produce anything creative, though I have every intention to paint and draw, I just haven’t. But there was this little voice within me that just kept repeating, like a broken record,  just pick up a brush, just paint something, anything.. Which happened every time i entered my art space..  So I just gave in one day, grabbed the first thing  I saw, a foam board, acrylic paints and just started painting. No fussing, no thinking, just painted. And within the day produced this piece.  Sometimes we have to please the small voice within.

acrylic on board

Decided to sketch some while watching TV..

August came to an end.. so my last drawing for the month.

Well i bought a new set of oil pastels, was like a kid with a new toy. Same day I created a quick sketch..  goodbye august, you were a good month, a little too hot but very fun!.