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Doodling up the last day of November

Day 30 last day of November and for  Art Every Day Month . Thanks to Leah Piken Kolidas for creating this challenge. It has been fun, and challenging to create something everyday,  some days felt like an effort to pick up the pencil to draw.  But I happily made it to the end, my last post of November: Doodling with inspiration on the mind…

believe sketchcreatesketch

Until next time…   #aedm2012




Possibilities day 5 & 6

Art Every Day Month

Day 5

I was feeling  positive when I created this quick sketch.  I let the flow  of the pencil take over the paper.

Day 6

I let the marker do all the work.


participant page

Nature inspired, AEDM 2012

This will be my first time participating in the Art Every Day Month  (AEDM), for the entire month of November. My goal is to create something every day, to make time for art big or small. AEDM info page

My inspiration  came from a morning hike along a path where my eye was drawn to a grouping of bright green leaves in a neat pattern amongst dirt debris and brown leaves.

Thursday November 1, 2012

Day 1

Color pencil, marker on paper

Friday, November 2

Day 2