Sketches day 3 and 4

Art Every Day Month  (AEDM)

Day 3

I was flipping through a sketch book, and came across a drawing my daughter did, which appealed to me. So I decided to interpret what she sketched into a new drawing, I used  color pencils and marker on paper.

This is my daughter’s drawing that I based my sketch.  In her words, its “just a scribble”

Day 4

A chilly, grey day. Quick marker sketch in pastel & pencil  on paper.


oct 31

Happy Halloween. My drawings aren’t of halloween but of simple organic line drawings that I did as I relaxed after a long day.  Its been a great earthy month October!.. Lets see what November has to offer

charcoal and color pencil


I haven’t been keeping up with my art a day but this week I discovered some old sketches in my book and decided to re-work them.

This one was a marker sketch of a girl, I just add color using oil pastels.

So I had nail polish on the brain yesterday. Decided to use nail polish to finish a  pencil sketch.  I have painted with nail polish in other unconventional ways like changing the color of furniture handles but never on paper. This picture comes with a side of doodling.

lets begin

In the Spring of 2010, I decided to challenge myself, to create one piece of artwork on a daily basis for at least a month. I actually found myself creating and found the time to make the art, which ranged from small pencil sketches to  larger paintings and in variety of mediums. In a recent online search I came across a blog called creative everyday, it brings together artists to showcase their daily creative works. So I decided to continue the art a day for the year and see where it leads me.