Piece together

Sometimes the process of doing can be more therapeutic than the completion of the product. As I tore the decorative paper in pieces and glued it randomly on the board, at that moment I realized we may be torn on the inside but it would be alright, we can be fixed, one imperfect piece at a time.

Day 4  100 artworks challenge – Mixed Media, decorative paper, watercolor, acrylic, pen & pencil on wood panel



Mixing it up

Day 3 of 100 artworks challenge  Mixed media art

In my attempts to create art today I was scattered in thought and thus couldn’t begin my project. Decided to recycle an old watercolor sketch I found as I went through my papers. I sliced and diced the sketch and incorporated the piece into my project. Amongst the clutter of discarded art can be something reimagined, be open to new possibilities.

9×9″ wood, decorative paper, watercolor and acrylic


Window painting

A different creative outlet for me,  having  accomplished various artistic jobs throughout the years, I never thought window painting would be one of them. Recently I had the opportunity to paint a  party theme on a pair of windows  at the Pizza Villa in  New Jersey.  I conducted a little research before I started, and was surprised to find out that acrylic paints work best. I thought painting on a window was going to be a challenge, but I took it slow and it worked out great. Going with what the owner wanted and sharing some of my own ideas this is what I painted.


It was fun to paint a window,  I would definitely do it again.

Great place and good food:  Pizza Villa is located  at 901 White Horse Pike, Haddon Twp, NJ 856-854-4400