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Illustrated explosion

Making peace with the creative chaos that is my life.

FullSizeRender 8Mixed media, watercolor, marker, layered  cut paper on wood


My Illustrated Life

Sometimes we need a reminder, not to worry about what other people think or how they conduct themselves. Continue to do your own thing, YOU have potential!

#52/ 100 artworks challenge


Mixed media art: watercolor, pen, metallic marker, cut paper on wood.

The Search



Looking beyond the self only to come back empty handed.

51/ 100 artworks challenge

FullSizeRender 3

Mixed media: watercolor, marker, cut paper, matte medium on wood.

It is time to grow those wings

Sometimes we need a little push to realize we already have our wings, its ok to fly

You are ready….



Drawing: watercolor & marker on paper

The storyteller



Because my love for creating is strong

I will doodle on everything

I will always be late

I will always be caught in a daydream

I will lack sleep

I will always wear handmade jewelry

I will set my sights for inspiration everyday

I will sail across the page in all kinds of adventure

I will always be a storyteller…….    to be continued


FullSizeRender 2

50/100  of the 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media: watercolor, cut paper, marker, 3D paint, matte medium on wood

How far?

Fall….fall….fall… down & down & down but then I stopped to look around

DSCF534534/100 Mixed media decorative paper, watercolor, acrylic, marker on a 9×9 wood plaque



Ordinary days

This time anything goes because work, things, people restrict, and hold you back.  We need an outlet for release, to get lost in the unexpected, and then we find ourselves.

18/100  Mixed media, oval wood plaque, decorative paper, cut paper, pen, watercolor, 3-Dimensional paint, gloss medium.  100 artworks challenge


Happy clouds

Painting warm happiness on this cold frost day.


Watercolor, pen on paper


Tree of life

Opened up the sketchbook tonight, in an attempt to draw out the kinks of my day and add colors of happiness to fill in the dark lines of my soul.

DSCF4992marker on paper


In the air we breath

Creativity is electric, it is everywhere.

Grateful for the people who inspire everyday, make art and share their creations for everyone to see.

DSCF4987color pencil, charcoal & ink on paper