The guide

Winged beauty

Stands tall high above all

Out stretched hands grasping

nothing returned

High on her feet the cold hard surface pressing

One step forward

guided by the future

Still standing tall high above all


Sometimes we are given words and ideas and we just need to get it out of the head and write them down or draw it out. It so happened that the words came to me first. Years later thought the sketch was appropriate for this.


Adventures of the young professional

And so the story goes…  There is a time during the younger years that we are so full of life, bright eyed with possibilities and hope for the future. But as the years carry on we get set in our ways and sometimes that twinkle in our eye fades. The  flame has not gone out completely we just have to find ways to spark that light once again.

When I created this sketch for someone who was at the moment moving on with her career and living life fearlessly, I had a flash of insight….Why not conduct ourselves as if we are still that young professional, by listening to our instincts, having fun, be open to endless possibilities, with a can do attitude. Moral to this story enjoy every moment, don’t take yourself and life so seriously, be open and aware of opportunities, and infuse a little humor in your day. Go ahead live fearlessly and follow your heart where ever it may take you.

Favorite quotes:

“Leap, & the net will appear”– but this is the sticky part: our net is invisible. It is there but we must believe in it to see it. – Julia Cameron

“The need for change bulldozed a road down the center of my mind.                                   -Maya Angelou






Negative thoughts need a vacation

Sometimes the words come at the right moment.. this is how the story goes…







Inspiration comes in all forms, from anywhere and anyone we meet. Be open to receive and wonderful things will blossom.  Dedicated to all those that have inspired me and kept life interesting and hope I do the same.. Go create… #CED2014


In the light of darkness

Originally I was not excited about my drawing, I worked on in but eventually put it aside unfinished. Recently, I revisited the drawing, and realized I had to finish the piece.  The image coincides with my my daily ritual of writing my Morning Pages,  (Julia Cameron, Artist Way), the daily practice of writing 3  pages of long hand notes about anything.  Morning pages is a great tool for creative recovery and self discoveries.

“An emotional rubble of self doubt, negativity and fear… stumbling, searching, waiting for that switch to be turned on within, to see clearly in the light of darkness.”

-Watercolor & watercolor pencil with pen on heavy paper.




Welcome back

Sitting down at my desk combing through papers, I discovered a piece of work that I abandon ages ago.  I can look at an unfinished painting or drawing with fresh eyes, such discoveries fill me with the inspiration to finish what I started. Welcome back!

A windows daydream… Water color, pen on paper.




Not keeping up with the times

So I wrote a letter…  not a text message, or an email but a hand written note using paper and a pen.

I have a friend who enjoys writing letters, occasionally she will write to me.  Feeling a spark of creativity on Sunday, I decided to finally reply to one of her letters, I included this sketch to adorn the front of my letter.

Marker & color pencil



#CED2014  #Marchtransition

Creative Everyday

Heart and Soul

Art and the heart- Wandering through life, whatever  the day may bring I take joy in creating. Drawing, painting, experiencing that first wash of color  leaves me joyful, grounded and all around thankful. Today I got lost the best way I know how, with a pen and paper.

What makes your soul jump for joy?!





Your the best!

Sometimes its the little things in life we are given that have the most meaning.

A recent drawing my daughter made of the two of us, it made my day!




olivia art




The dreaded white blank canvas

I have all good intentions to create, to draw out the ideas swimming in my mind. Over the course of the day life happens and I slowly dismiss all my creative nudges. At the end of the day when I didn’t make the time to do what I love, I am grumpy and irritable.  And this brings me to the dreaded blank canvas, the one I stare at on a daily basis. My goal is to allow myself one minute, one stroke of the brush one line of the pencil at a time to make my art. Some days a few minutes is all I have, and by allowing myself to enjoy the process of beginning maybe that is all I need.

-where the white blank canvas lives…..



Inspiration comes in many forms, the following is a list of recent books I found helpful and thought provoking:

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The Sound of Paper, by Julia Cameron

Hero, by Rhonda Byrne

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  -H. Jackson Brown Jr.