You are in the seat beside me…

You are in my dreams at night…

Listening to music inspires,  song Josh McBride by The Head and the Heart was on repeat today, contributed to the vision for this creation, day 8 of the             100 artworks challenge.

Mixed media, 9×9″ wood plaque, decorative cut paper, acrylic paint, 3-Dimentional paint,


Live wire

You sure are a live wire…  Day 7 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media:

9×9″wood plaque, with 5×7 canvas, paper, watercolor, acrylic, 3-dimensional paint, wire, pins


See clearly

Im open and wide, ready to receive.  I can see clearly.

Day 6 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media on wood, decorative paper, pen, marker, acrylic and incorporated my doodles.


Light as a feather

Day 5 of the 100 artworks challenge.   “The Feather People”

-Mixed media on wood,  paper, watercolor, acrylic and ink


Piece together

Sometimes the process of doing can be more therapeutic than the completion of the product. As I tore the decorative paper in pieces and glued it randomly on the board, at that moment I realized we may be torn on the inside but it would be alright, we can be fixed, one imperfect piece at a time.

Day 4  100 artworks challenge – Mixed Media, decorative paper, watercolor, acrylic, pen & pencil on wood panel



Mixing it up

Day 3 of 100 artworks challenge  Mixed media art

In my attempts to create art today I was scattered in thought and thus couldn’t begin my project. Decided to recycle an old watercolor sketch I found as I went through my papers. I sliced and diced the sketch and incorporated the piece into my project. Amongst the clutter of discarded art can be something reimagined, be open to new possibilities.

9×9″ wood, decorative paper, watercolor and acrylic



Kicking back on streets of New York

In moments of spontaneity inspiration appears


Exploring the city on foot.


Looking up, the beams on this building seem fit for climbing. Sign appropriate.


The eye catching New Museum, with its unique modern exterior is sandwiched between a neighborhood full of aged buildings. This building is home to new contemporary art, located in lower Manhattan.

DSCF5121The nights are always ablaze.


Inspiration can be found anywhere if you dare to stop and notice…

For more information:

New Museum

New York City Attractions

Art in New York


#NYC #ced2015

The challenge

Excited to be participating in the 100 artworks challenge. First time committing to a big challenge, it will be an opportunity to try new ideas, and techniques using mixed media. A 100 days of creative happenings!

Day One

9″x 9″ framed wood panel, with watercolor & acrylic paints and decorative paper




To find out more about the 100 artworks challenge.

Quiet force

The invisible current is all around

let it guide you, and just go with the flow


-marker, pencil on paper

More than just

Yes we are more than just _  (insert your own thought)  Days that let us down, we get caught up with the drama in real time or in our heads.  Knowing something is not a good fit for us and not doing enough to change it.  A shift within occurs, it all unravels, and we begin to rely on ourselves for answers, we see ourselves for who are and that is ok.


-watercolor, pen on paper