Emotions come through and out like shedding of old skin.

Peel away the layers begin anew.


31/100  mixed media on wood, cut paper, watercolor, marker and acrylic.

100 artworks challenge

wake me

Days felt I’m caught between drifting

sound of songs battling for attention

warm breezes push and pull the beat in waves

in the moment I am lost

floating among the invisible

wake me

30/100 Mixed media, paper, watercolor, acrylic, marker on wood

DSCF5318100 artworks challenge


Mix it up


Mixed media, paper, watercolor, marker, gloss medium on wood


Mothers Day

For a loving, giving, and funny woman who I adore, my mom. Im grateful for her encouragement of my art, never squashed my creativity and allowed me draw on the walls! This is for her!  Happy Mother’s Day to any and all who celebrate.


Give it a try

Somedays you need to break free and fly


27/100 Mixed media, paper, watercolor, marker, nail polish on wood

100 artworks challenge 2015

Find your yellow

Fractured days when we feel broken, days when we blend into the background, these days find your yellow. Just find your yellow.

26/100  – mixed media on wood, decorative paper, marker, watercolor sketch and gloss medium

DSCF5298100 artworks challenge


Many missed days

Playing catch up on my 100 artworks challenge


Mixed media on canvas, decorative paper, watercolor, and marker




Mixed media on wood, paper marker and watercolor



Mixed media, decorative cut paper, shape, watercolor sketch on wood plaque


Paper, marker, paper flowers on mini canvas board



Moon tales

Fasten the moon

Let us take flight

Lost forever if held too tight

Missed are the days amongst the memories

21/100 Mixed media, on wood plaque


100 artworks challenge



20/100 Mixed media, decorative paper, watercolor, marker on wood                  100 artworks challenge



The art was pieced together in 2 parts. Previously done was the base design of cut paper on wood, never finished. Today I added the woman that I created for another project, decided to merge the two.

19/100 Mixed media decorative paper, color pencil, gloss medium on wood plaque. 100 artworks challenge