Moon tales

Fasten the moon

Let us take flight

Lost forever if held too tight

Missed are the days amongst the memories

21/100 Mixed media, on wood plaque


100 artworks challenge



20/100 Mixed media, decorative paper, watercolor, marker on wood                  100 artworks challenge



The art was pieced together in 2 parts. Previously done was the base design of cut paper on wood, never finished. Today I added the woman that I created for another project, decided to merge the two.

19/100 Mixed media decorative paper, color pencil, gloss medium on wood plaque. 100 artworks challenge


Ordinary days

This time anything goes because work, things, people restrict, and hold you back.  We need an outlet for release, to get lost in the unexpected, and then we find ourselves.

18/100  Mixed media, oval wood plaque, decorative paper, cut paper, pen, watercolor, 3-Dimensional paint, gloss medium.  100 artworks challenge



This art was inspired by actual events, well by an individual.  I enjoy observing people and things, noticing little funny moments (funny to me) and the details that grab my attention. I store the visual away for a rainy day, when I have the need to re create it!

17/100 Mixed media, decorative paper, watercolor, pen, 3-Dimensional paint on oval wood plaque


Finding Inspiration

Inspiration was lost to me for a few days, gone was the desire to create for my 100 artworks challenge.  This weekend a change of scenery is what I needed, and it came knocking. A hike in nature with a friend,  a visit to an artists studio space and viewing art was very uplifting. It was exactly what I needed to keep going.

16/100  My interpretation of the Blessed Mother, this is a gift for my mother-in-law.   Mixed media, decorative paper, watercolor, pen on wood panel.



Day 15 of 100 artworks challenge

Didn’t have a clue that I would be emptied of creative expression tonight until I sat down to create. I put all my energy and soul into yesterdays artwork Day 14, which seemed to zap any interest in making something today. Sticking with the challenge I decided to just work smaller and keep it simple.

15/100 Mixed media, cut paper, wood pieces, gloss medium on square wood plaque.


Day 14

100 artworks challenge

Taking on this art challenge has inspired me to experiment with mixed media to create art everyday, discovering what types of media I like to work with. The artwork is a gift for a co-worker’s birthday.

Day 14 Mixed media, cut paper, watercolor, marker, matte medium on canvasDSCF5222


Anything goes

The green button  Day 13  100 artworks challenge

Mixed Media, Decorative paper, 3-dimensional paint, watercolor paper on 9×9 wood plaque.


Finding its place

My cardboard doodle found a place to call home. Day 12 100 artworks challenge

Mixed media, marker, acrylic paint, cut paper watercolor, cardboard doodle on wood plaque with a matte finish glaze.