More than just

Yes we are more than just _  (insert your own thought)  Days that let us down, we get caught up with the drama in real time or in our heads.  Knowing something is not a good fit for us and not doing enough to change it.  A shift within occurs, it all unravels, and we begin to rely on ourselves for answers, we see ourselves for who are and that is ok.


-watercolor, pen on paper


Happy clouds

Painting warm happiness on this cold frost day.


Watercolor, pen on paper


Shape shifting through the snow

Spent some time outdoors on this snow day, trudging through the snow while exploring the fluff covered neighborhood.  Beautiful shapes and patterns popped against the white of the day.











Renew in gratitude


Tree of life

Opened up the sketchbook tonight, in an attempt to draw out the kinks of my day and add colors of happiness to fill in the dark lines of my soul.

DSCF4992marker on paper


In the air we breath

Creativity is electric, it is everywhere.

Grateful for the people who inspire everyday, make art and share their creations for everyone to see.

DSCF4987color pencil, charcoal & ink on paper



The heart wants

Expand, grow with change

the layers of life can now be shed


Sink or swim


DSCF4985watercolor & pen on paper



Head in the clouds

When I get lost in the craziness of the day I draw myself back to solitude.  This sketch was inspired by the words that bounced through my mind today,


-pencil and pen on paper


Painting out the kinks

Replenished my art supplies this weekend, excited to finally get the chance to try out the new watercolor paints, paper and brushes.  After my second attempt to paint, the new items made it feel like a struggle, artwork seemed muddled I was left frustrated.  Maybe its all in my head knowing Im working with new supplies, but I will give it another chance…

DSCF4957  -watercolor, marker on paper